It’s an American tradition to cheer for the underdog, and this campaign season so far there’s no bigger underdog than Donald Trump, especially if you read the major news media. Never mind social media, There are so many critical, slanted and even hateful news articles and editorials and polls in the New York Times, the Washington Post, the New Yorker, Politico and the major big city dailies that I’m having a hard time finding any stories even vaguely sympathetic of Mr. Trump and his campaign for president. Continue reading

When a presidential candidate lied on TV the other day, it’s because the candidate insists you believe her, truth be damned. Hillary Clinton was counting on your “suspension of disbelief.”

Clinton claimed on Fox News Sunday (7/31) that the director of the FBI had backed up her claims about her emails. The director actually said that Clinton had not been truthful about her emails. But Clinton said she had been truthful and director backed her up. Do not argue with Mrs. Clinton. She was truthful because she says she was truthful, and that makes it a fact. Continue reading has been available continuously on the web for going on 17 years. Unfortunately, a huge server farm accident in the 2000s destroyed most of the site’s files going back to 1999. We have been working ever since to locate missing files.

The Catalogue of Catalogs was a file on the original site aimed at consumers who enjoy actually holding and flipping the pages of merchandise catalogs.

The Catalogue of Catalogs access is now restored. Enjoy!

UPDATE: Turkey appears to be in chaos. There is now concern over the safety of a US/NATO airbase, as that nation’s president also appears to be changing the structure of its entire government. Turkey’s army, under the constitution, was charged with ensuring that religious totalitarianism does not gain control over the government. Sunday, the president issued a decree bringing the military under his command, effectively reversing a central check-and-balance in the Turkish constitution. And the president discharged nearly 1400 military personnel. And there were calls over the weekend for “Death to the US” by civilians who appeared to be marching on the NATO Incirlik Air Force base, where much of the US-led effort against ISIS originates, and which is home to an estimated 6 dozen NATO nuclear missiles. Continue reading

An early sign that an everyday street boy could achieve resounding success in theater and movies simply using raw talent, perseverance and a professional attitude, Ben Gazzara was an inspiration to many of us who love acting and directing. His career may not have gone according to plan and his dream of achieving super-stardom may not have been realized, but it became quite clear in his later years that Gazzara was an actor’s actor and a strong, unique personality among the ranks of Hollywood. Continue reading

The problem Americans have is with the leaders of the past 20 or more years, not with the immigrants themselves.

Americans generally like law and order, they like people who do what they say and they don’t like it when people say one thing and do another. That’s considered hypocrisy at best, perhaps even fraud. The US government is saying that sneaking into the US from another country is illegal, but people are doing it every day and getting away with it. Americans don’t like that. Continue reading